Favourite Album of the Moment!

I have been completely obsessed with Melanie Martinez’s debut album Cry Baby! As it was released in 2015 the chances are you have all probably heard of it and listened it through, but I love it so much I wanted to do a wee post on it anyway 🙂

I recently stumbled across Melanie Martinez’s audition for The Voice where she covered Toxic by the one and only Britney Spears. I found her voice so unique and captivating I instantly downloaded her album on Spotify and it’s practically all I’ve been listening too since!


I find the general vibe of the album to be quite dark and electronic with some really unique sound samples underpinning a lot of the songs, the most prominent of which being Lesley Gore’s “it’s my party and I’ll cry if i want to” sample that appears on Pity Party. Other sounds used in the background that lift the songs on Cry Baby to another level are the sound of bubbles popping in Soap and the scream in Pity Party before the final chorus. I’m a big fan of Lorde and Lana Del Rey and I love pop music that has a darker, more mellow edge. I actually can’t believe it took me so long to find this album!

Melanie Martinez released 3 singles from her album: Pity Party, Soap and Sippy Cup (all of which are amazing songs and some of my faves)! Here are a few of my other favourites…

Mad Hatter begins with a whimsical xylophone (i think) jingle but quickly transitions into a more grungy sound with the usual dark lyrics that you come to expect from Martinez. I love Mad Hatter because it deals with what I perceive to be quite a dark subject matter but it combines it with a more upbeat sound which I think has a really interesting effect!

Tag, you’re it was one of the first songs on the album I became obsessed with. There is no mistaking the haunting sound of this track. It’s very easy to listen to and enjoy, however, when you start to actually think about the lyrics you come to appreciate that the sound is a fitting backdrop to the subject matter of the song, but I can only say that although it’s an awesomely dark music experience!

I think Pacify Her may be my favourite song on the album. It’s certainly the first song I found and lead me to find the rest of the album so I’ll always love it. Although I generally find myself thinking “come on now Melanie” when listening to it it’s so so catchy and I absolutely adore the soft haziness of her voice on this particular track.

Anyway I know I’ve just been rambling on for a bit about this album but I just really wanted to do a short blog post on it because I love love love it! If you have any artists or albums you think I’d like please comment below, I’m always on the hunt for new music to listen to 🙂

Until next time,

J x

5 thoughts on “Favourite Album of the Moment!

  1. I’ve never met anyone else who is obsessed with Melanie Martinez, but I absolutely love her! I first heard about her from online sources, and I had no idea who everyone was talking about, so I went to YouTube, and I listened to some on her songs. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked her or not. Her music was so dark and creepy, and I’d never heard anything like it before. But, after I listened to the songs a few times, I started to put the pieces together and I liked it.
    It’s amazing how Melanie connects all of her songs, to make one big story.
    I love all her songs, but I think my favorites are Pity Party, Dollhouse, and Mrs. Potato Head.
    I’m sorry this comment is long, but this is an amazing post.
    And thank you for following me!
    Xoxo, ML

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    1. Thank you for reading! I totally agree with you I think listening to the full album gives you a better sense of what she’s trying to achieve than just listening to one or two of the songs. I’d heard a couple of my friends talking about her a while back but never took much note of it until I found her on youtube. Wish I’d listened sooner now! Honestly I think every song on the album is great so whenever anyone talks about their favourites I’m super enthusiastic, love the ones you’ve mentioned!
      Thanks for the follow 🙂 xx

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