What Can You Expect From This Blog?

So I’ve kind of decided that I’m going to start posting on Monday’s and Thursday’s (instead of just randomly whenever I have an idea). I think my blog needs a bit more structure to it and I want anybody who’s reading my blog to have an idea of what to expect and when to check back etc. Let’s face it at the moment it’s just random flurries of inspiration and occasional dry periods.

On Monday’s I hope to upload an Opinion Post, this could be reviews of books, films, music, concerts or restaurants and my take on current affairs. Then on Thursdays I’ll be uploading a Lifestyle Post. This will be more along the lines of beauty posts, life updates or even just a golden nugget of worldly advice from me (in other words the ramblings of my mind).

Earlier this week I posted my opinion post of the week which was a review of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and tomorrow I’ll be uploading a kind of introspective post about self-worth (the joys), but anyway, you catch my drift.

Just want to add a bit of structure to things now that I’ve been running this blog for about 4 months.

Until next time,

J x

8 thoughts on “What Can You Expect From This Blog?

      1. They are organised events for books, usually in one or two weeks and I like them because people who are interested in that book can see the other blog stops too usually and visit other blogs ;-).. but it’s only not always easy to get the day of the week you want ;-). Thank you Jen!

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  1. Good idea! I’ve decided recently to post on Tuesday-Thursday for similar structure reasons as you. Good luck with sticking with it, and I look forward to your next Opinion Post!

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      1. That’s good to hear. I’m still trying to figure out what my main purpose will be on my blog. At the moment it’s just about what I’ve experienced and maybe few beauty posts. So I might have set day on which topic will be posted.

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