My Dilemma about the 2017 General Election

As voting day is pretty much upon us now I thought I’d write a little post about my dilemma/frustration about this particular election.

Firstly, I’d like to quickly mention that the featured image for this post (also below) was conceived and expertly drawn by a friend from my hometown – Calum A.B. McMillan. He’s been drawing for years and I particularly like this political piece. I know some very talented people 🙂


For me this election has been the one with the most urgency and also the one that (from my experience) my generation has been the most involved in yet. Everywhere I turn people are being urged to vote and take part in political discussions (which is great!) and I’ve personally done more research in the run up to this election than any other.

There is one thing, however, that greatly disheartens me and leads me to believe that all of this research and discussion will ultimately be useless. In my opinion, and particularly in the past few years, there is no point in voting for anyone other than the SNP in Scotland. Every other party is so dramatically behind the SNP in all of the polls and also in previous elections. If you’re passionate about Labour regaining power or the policies of the Liberal Democrats you have to make the decision between voting for the party whose policies you’re passionate about and, therefore, essentially wasting your vote or going with the masses and voting SNP.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with the majority of the SNP’s policies. I read most of them through the other day. I particularly agree with their proposition to halt UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia immediately, BUT I think that their rhetoric is often preoccupied with referendum talks. I would, personally, be far more impressed with them if they focused on politics first and foremost whilst making plans for a second independence referendum on the back burner.

By voting SNP Scottish people are clearly expressing their wish to have people who are primarily concerned with Scottish issues in the House of Commons. I don’t disagree with that, but it does remove a massive chunk of what used to be, majoritively, a Labour stronghold (worth noting that SNP oppositions do seem to be changing a little). What does this do? It increases the likelihood of the Conservatives achieving a majority. We have had a Conservative government for roughly seven years now and, personally, I look forward to the day they fall from power. Unfortunately, despite the abomination that has been Theresa May’s campaign, that doesn’t look to be any time soon and I feel relatively powerless to stop it.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here because I think it should be mentioned, the massive success of the SNP in Scotland does also block the Conservatives from gaining many seats in Scotland, so in that interpretation it makes the possibility of the Tories winning a majority a bit less likely.

To be honest, I’m confused, and it has taken me a long while to decide who I want to vote for. My main point is that in Scotland it is relatively certain that the SNP will win most seats. My advice to anyone in England who wants to see the Tories out is to put their personal views with regards to which specific progressive party they prefer to one side and vote for the Tories’ main, progressive opposition. Blocking them from seats is the only way to deny them a majority. Basically, everyone needs to USE THEIR VOTE!

This was more thoughtful than usual and I’m aware that this post could open me up to some criticism. So I’ll end by saying I completely respect everyone’s individual views, these are just my own. I’m not in any way trying to tell anybody who to vote for. Just stating what will probably be the most effective choice for those who are similarly minded to me!

Also if any of my politics is like straight up incorrect please let me know as I’m no expert but trying to learn!

Until next time,

J x