Recipe: Easy Healthy Bolognese

*Disclaimer* This recipe is not vegetarian, however, by removing mince and beef oxo cubes it can easily be a delicious veggie dish. This recipe is for a large pot, most of which I freeze away for future meals. Ingredients: Rapeseed oil (you can use other oils but rapeseed oil is the healthiest due to the…… Continue reading Recipe: Easy Healthy Bolognese

The Addams Family Musical

I am currently lying in my bed, trying not to feel guilty about it because it’s Sunday, still suffering from Friday night when I went to see The Addams Family Musical (followed by a big night out) as my birthday present from one of my friends. Since then I have been hungover singing the songs, thinking…… Continue reading The Addams Family Musical

Life Update: Valencia, sunburn and Starting Third Year

So I’ve been absent recently and haven’t really written any blog posts. Sorry about that, I’ve just been super busy getting settled into another year of uni to be honest and I’m so tired all the time! Anyway I thought I’d do another little life update because I’ve been up to quite a bit recently.…… Continue reading Life Update: Valencia, sunburn and Starting Third Year

Life Update: Moving and University

Tomorrow I am moving. A few months ago in a previous life update I mentioned that I had a new flat. So far I’ve lived somewhere different for every year of uni (I’m going into third year now) and I’m hoping that this flat will be the one I stay in from now on! Key…… Continue reading Life Update: Moving and University

Black Mirror’s San Junipero

Today’s post isn’t really a review, more just an appreciation post for, what I consider to be, one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever watched.Black Mirror is a unique show in many ways. Every episode is self contained which allows viewers to dip in and out where they are interested and takes away…… Continue reading Black Mirror’s San Junipero

Charities and How to Take Part

I have always been interested in the work that charities do to help people and animals facing adversity, and finding ways to contribute towards this effort. For me, the most realistic option at this stage in my life (I’m a student and not that well off) is taking part in fundraisers and donating where I…… Continue reading Charities and How to Take Part

Homemade Meringues Recipe

First thing’s first, I know they’re… rustic. I didn’t have a piping bag.Here’s the bad boys in the oven. I’ve never made meringues before but they were actually super simple to make!Ingredients3-4 eggs.175g of caster sugar (to decrease sugar, substitute some with Stevia).RecipeSet the oven to 140C.Separate the yolks from the whites of 3-4 eggs…… Continue reading Homemade Meringues Recipe